What is Notaku? The tool powering this website

We used Notion and Notaku to create this blog website. Notaku is a website generator that uses Notion as CMS.
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To manage this blog content we use Notion and to publish on our domain we use Notaku, it’s a tool to create beautiful websites using Notion for CMS.

Advantages of using Notion

  1. Team members can write new blog posts super quickly with no friction, everyone already uses Notion for internal docs
  1. The writing experience is amazing (and keeps getting better, with Notion AI this is going to become a competitive advantage)
  1. Creating guest posts is super easy: simply invite a person the the blog Notion page
  1. Super rich editing experience: you can use callouts, images, videos, embeds and a lot more

Why Notaku instead of just Notion

Notaku creates a full features blog website, it just uses Notion as a CMS, you get
  1. Host on your own domain
  1. Faster loading speed & performance
  1. Amazing SEO & better Google indexing
  1. Dark mode
  1. RSS feed
  1. Full customizability: logo, font, footer, links, backgrounds and more
  1. You can add analytics and inject other custom code

How content is managed in Notion

Notaku uses a Notion table database to host your blog content
Notaku will use the Notion pages icons for favicons and the cover for social media images and thumbnails
The database has additional fields like
  • Authors
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Hidden (to hide draft posts from the website)
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Notaku can do a lot more

You can also create other websites with the same approach:
  • Public docs website
  • Help desk
  • Roadmap
  • Changelog
  • Simple layout websites (careers page, terms of service, etc)
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