A Ping Means Deposit Received

A Ping Means Deposit Received

Having an idea and trying to sell the dream is one thing. It’s another thing to go out and build that idea to prove that it works before telling everyone about it. Especially where innovation is concerned, there are so many obstacles between the dream and its realization that we decided that this disruption needed to be proven. The proof is in the pudding (or…pudd-Ping); so we give you: Grindery Ping

At Grindery we are building a decentralized protocol that allows us to build a more integrated, more powerful dApp. Developers can easily create plug-ins and extensions that allow their dApp users to configure integration with w2 and w3 apps without code. To showcase how this is done we decided to develop a simple app that serves a real need: Ping, an app that triggers a browser notification when there is a deposit into any wallet. 


We built that in the simplest and most easy-to-use way and are releasing the code under and open source license.

With this we accomplished three things:

  1. Ping serves dApp developers, so they can review it and then build other (more innovative) stuff with that code themselves. 

  2. Ping serves as an MVP to show users, partners, and investors that our technology works.

  3. Ping users can easily switch over to get Grindery Nexus. The notifications created in PING will be available as a Grindery workflows in Nexus, and a user can create more, similar workflows. This makes Ping a starting point for many more powerful integrations and workflows.

The value proposition of Ping needs very little explanation. Regardless of the chain they’re on, or wallet they’re using, any end user who’s downloaded the app can get a Ping telling them that the funds are there. No need to log into a mobile wallet or browser extension to check. As a secondary benefit, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will find it useful because it allows DAOs to create notifications for deposits in their wallets and treasury. 

As for dApp development teams, Ping allows them to look at the code and consider adding something like notification features into existing apps and dApps.

Finally, we drink our own Kool-Aid (and eat our own pudding): at Grindery have started our journeys towards decentralization by setting up our first DAO , where all of our team members downloaded the Ping app, submitted payment requests, and ran our entire payouts cycle, using gWork. When the funds were deposited into each person’s wallet, they got a Ping notification in their browser.

A simple app to a painful web3 problem with transparency.