DAO Talks Podcast with Tim Delhaes

In DAO Talks, I get into the brains of the builders and makers of web3. We explore our multichain future, personal stories and how we are investing, experimenting and failing with startups on tokens and smart contracts.

Our guests of the over 30 episodes include Will Papper (Syndicate), Alex Salnikov (Rarible), Griff Green (TheDAO), Frederic Chesnais (Atari) and Will Ruddick (Grassroots Economics).

So, join me on a journey of discovery, as I chat to leaders, change makers and misfits about tech, life, the universe and everything.

Latest Episodes

Protocols vs. Governance with Gregory Di Prisco

For the final episode of 2022, Tim is joined by Gregory Di Prisco, the former Head of Business Development at MakerDAO, one of the oldest, most innovative and biggest DeFi projects, with roots that...

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Who is the Metaverse Being Built For? with Sam Huber

In this episode, Tim is accompanied by Sam Huber, the Founder and CEO at LandVault, a metaverse real estate company focused on helping brands establish a presence in blockchain-based platforms such...

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ChatGPT, Google Bard and the Battle for Data with Don Gossen

In this episode, Tim is joined by Don Gossen, the Founder & CEO of Nevermined, a web3 company that provides tools to read, write and own your digital assets. With ChatGPT very much at the forefront...

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Why the Bear Market Benefits NFTs with Alexei Falin, Co-Founder and CEO of Rarible

In this episode, Tim is joined by Alexei Falin, Co-Founder and CEO of Rarible, a community-centric NFT marketplace that allows users to create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain....

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Using Web3 Technology to Make the World a Better Place with Michael Mazur, COO at Colu

In this episode, Tim is joined by Michael Mazur, the COO at Colu, a fintech start-up that fosters urban livability and economic prosperity on a local level. By connecting and engaging local...

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The Impact of AI on Crypto with James Young, from Collab.Land and Abridged

In this episode, Tim is joined by James Young, from Collab.Land and Abridged. Collab.Land a digital concierge for tokenized communities and a pioneer of the token gating system. It was created by...

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About the Show

Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, are all the rage. We’re seeing explosive growth in this sector as people experiment with building companies on top of tokens and smart contracts. If you want to get a better understanding of why this is happening, listen to the people that work, build and invest in them: the members.

Join me on my personal journey of discovery, a series of talks with the Web3 builders about DAOs, Life and everything else.

Graham Spencer

How people share their availability and generate stronger commitments via token staking

Spencer is a product manager for DAOhaus, and a RaidGuild contributor. During his Web3 travels, he's noticed that there are usually 2 kinds of people in DAOs - those that dip their finger in multiple projects, and those who focus on one project only. Now, he's championing incentive based mechanisms that make people share their availability and generate stronger commitments via token staking. That, and he thinks that DAOs can be an answer to climate change.