Introducing the Polygon Beta

Introducing the Polygon Beta

Grindery is excited to announce the introduction of ERC20 token support - for example USDC, USDT and Sushi - on the Polygon Network, marking a significant step in our commitment to connect Telegram users to the EVM ecosystem.

Updated 2.12.2024


With this release, users of the Grindery Smart Wallet for Telegram [@GrinderyAIBot] can now enjoy enhanced functionality:

  • Deposit ERC20 Tokens: Users can deposit any ERC20 token from any wallet or exchange in their Grindery Wallet.

  • Automatic Token Detection: Any received token is automatically detected and displayed in the WebWallet.  (use /webwallet in the @GrinderyAIBot )

  • Send to Contacts: ERC20 tokens to any Telegram Contact  via the WebWallet  (use /webwallet in the @GrinderyAIBot )

  • Receive ERC20 Tokens: All Grindery users are now capable of receiving ERC20 tokens. More on withdrawal here.

This update is another stride forward in empowering Telegram users to interact seamlessly with billions of dollars in liquidity, thousands of dApps on major EVM blockchains. It reflects Grindery's dedication to providing secure and easy access to the burgeoning world of digital assets.

Current Limitations:

  • Polygon Only: Currently, this feature supports only the Polygon chain, with plans to include Ethereum and BNB chain soon.

  • ERC20 Tokens Only: Users can send only ERC20 tokens to others. While Matic (Polygon's native token) can be deposited and detected, it cannot yet be sent.

  • Deposit Only: There is currently no functionality to withdraw to external wallets or convert to fiat. Expect a seperate post about withdrawl features soon.

All these features are currently in beta. We encourage users to experiment with small amounts and provide feedback. For assistance or queries, please join our support group [@grinderygroup]


About Grindery: We are on a mission bring EVM to Telegram. For that we created the world’s most utilized Smart Wallet, designed specifically for 700M Telegram users. Smart Contract Wallets are a new technology that makes it easy for users to buy, pay, play, swap, stake, and transfer across major blockchains without having to worry about managing passphrases, private keys, or acquiring different gas tokens for each blockchain.  To learn more read Grindery from 10.000 feet.