Live now: Network Staking on Polygon

Live now:  Network Staking on Polygon

Update 14.12.2023: Round 1 has been completed. You can find details and winners here.


Today, we're thrilled to introduce Network Staking on the Polygon network. To participate you simply have to transfer more the U$ 10 in any token on the Polygon blockchain to your Grindery Wallet. That’s it! 😀


What is “Network Staking“?

Network staking consists of transferring tokens to your Grindery Wallet and using those tokens freely in Grindery for sending, gaming, DeFi and the upcoming Grindery token sale. You only have to transfer more the U$ 10 in any token on the Polygon blockchain to qualify.


What is the difference to regular “Staking“?

In regular staking your tokens are “locked”, meaning you can not use them for anything. In contrast in Grindery you can use them freely in Grindery Bots and Apps including. This means you qualify for network staking with as little as U$10 in any Polygon based token and a single transfer for an outside wallet.


How do you participate in Grindery’s Network Staking? 

Send at least 10 USD equivalent of any token on Polygon to your Grindery Wallet from any external wallet such Metamask , Binance or other.


How do I see if I qualify?

Go to the GrinderyBot and type /stake to see your status..


Rewards and Benefits

By staking with us, users can enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • Secured Allocation in Private Token Sale (TGE): Stake and secure your spot in our exclusive private token sale.
  • Improved MVU Score: Enhance your MVU score, which in turn improves your G1 to GX conversion rate
  • Early Access to New Features: Get a first-hand experience of upcoming features within the Grindery ecosystem.


Special prizes

  • 500 G1: The first 100 users staking will get an additional 500 G1.
  • 1.000 G1: Stake more than $100 and receive another 1.000 G1
  • 10.000 G1: The 10 user with highest staking amounts will receive another 1000 G1


Important Notes and limitations

  • To qualify you need to deposit from an external, no-grindery wallet
  • Deposits might take up to 24h to reflect in your wallet
  • To qualify you need to claim your reward with /stake
  • All staked tokens can be used freely inside Grindery.
  • Withdrawal of staked funds will become available progressively in Q1 2024
  • The network staking program is ongoing until revoked.
  • Special prizes will be awarded at 13th of december 2023 / 12:00 UTC
  • Reward payouts are processed usually within 72h
  • Grindery reserves the right to withhold rewards for users acting in bad faith

We believe that this new feature will not only enrich the Grindery user experience but also bolster the overall health and activity of the Polygon network. We invite our users to join us in this exciting new venture and reap the rewards of being an early adopter.

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings in the blockchain space.

Start staking right here!