Token Sale: New Date & Developments

Token Sale: New Date & Developments

Grindery's token sale has been rescheduled to January 14th, 2024. The pre-order process started on January 15th, 2024 and will last till Thursday 01/02/2024  at 20:00 CET. 

Reasons for the Reschedule

Team Break: After a demanding year and achieving over 700,000 sign-ups, our team is currently on a break.

Additional Financing: Due to increasing interest of investors in Grindery, we are closing a strategic fundraising round with a leading Web3 VC. More details will be disclosed soon. We believe it is an important milestone for us to keep building and give back to our community.

App Optimization: We are enhancing the app's functionality for our token sale, which will be the first to be conducted entirely inside Telegram using smart wallet technology.

New Staking Rewards Program

Starting today, a new staking rewards program is in effect. Funds staked from now will count towards this program. Full details will be published in early January.