The Community Token Sale has started

The Community Token Sale has started


  • Access via Bot or URL
  • Prioritized, progressive rollout
  • Access notification from Bot

Grindery, a BinanceLabs S4 company with additional investment from IDG Capital, DFG/JSquare Capital, ANKR, MH Ventures, Perridon Ventures, GateLabs, WW Ventures, Algorand, and numerous others, is launching today our Community Token Sale. This token sale is specifically designed for our users and community members, allowing them to obtain the GX token at the same low price as our investors. Additionally, it allows our members to exchange the G1 tokens they earned into GX using a personalized exchange rate. The main objective is not to raise large sums of capital but rather to reward those users that have contributed most and continue our journey of decentralization. 


Access via Bot or WebApp

This token sale not only marks a milestone for us but is also the first EVM based token sale entirely executed inside Telegram. As a user, you will be able to use the bot (in the Bot use command /tge) or use your WebApp as a second alternative.


Prioritized, progressive rollout 

The Community Token Sale has two major phases.

Phase 1, starting now and lasting 48h until Wednesday 20:00 CET, allows users who have significantly contributed to the growth of the ecosystem or are considered strategically important to our future growth, to obtain GX with G1 in combination with any other token on Polygon. The exchange rate for G1 is determined individually for every user, but for this phase, the exchange rate will not decrease over time. Everyone has the opportunity to exchange without significant time pressure. This segment of users includes specifically strategic advisors, moderators, users with high MVU scores, beta testers, and network stakers.

Phase 2 starts on Wednesday 20:00 CET and ends on Thursday 01/02/2024  at 20:00 CET. In this phase, any user holding at least 1 G1 will be able to participate. Just like the previous phase, users use a G1 exchange rate specifically personalized for them. However, now the clock starts ticking, and the G1 exchange rate will decrease every 10 minutes.


Access notification by Bot

Every user, no matter if in phase 1 or phase 2, will receive a personal notification by the GrinderyAIBot. The system will grant access to all qualified users over the next 48h. If you have not received a notification right away, don't worry and stay calm. Wait at least 24 hours before contacting anyone via any of our groups.


A long journey

This community token sale is just the very start of our journey together. We want to thank all of you and specially those of you that beta tested with us.


Important action items

  • Familiarize yourself with the Token Sale in this overview of dive deeper.
  • Fund your Grindery wallet to get the best possible exchange rate for your G1
  • Check if you already have access here
  • Join our groups.


What do I do if I have outstanding rewards?

Wait 24 hours and exchange. Since network staking and beta testing rewards are processed together, they can take a while. However, since the exchange rate stays the same for the next 24 hours and there is no hard cap, you don't have anything to worry about. If you have not received access by Tuesday 20:00 CET send us a message via the group


What if I have do not have access yet?

If you do not have access to the token sale yet stay calm. Most users are ungated in the first 48h. If you have not received access by Tuesday 20:00 CET send us a message via the group